Moving On Up and Taking My Gestalt to a Higher Level

Today is the day when my fingers are crossed that all goes well as I attempt to upgrade this blog into a fully developed website.  Because I have so much more to offer, I am raising the bar on The new site will have an interactive calendar of events, an informative high-substance newsletter, and will offer lots of experiential downloads and FREE stuff to assist in your transformation into the perfect WHOLE/Gestalt human you are meant to be.

If you are reading this, my first act in making this announcement is to express much gratitude to you for showing up on this page.

As my second act, I want to ask you to please continue to follow me. If all is lost in cyber space, please come and find me at It may take a day or three to get up and running, but these are exciting times and I hope to share them with you. The up-coming newsletter will provide monthly gestalt techniques and standing alone will offer incentive enough to join the new and undeniably improved website experience.

Finally, I wish to once again express my sincere thanks to those of you who have shared here. This playground is a wealth of wonderful, authentic playmates, and I pray these connections will remain once the dust settles in my new place.

         Much love and light of wisdom to you.

          Gestalt means whole, and so are you.