Last Call

A message from Jan Deelstra, CEO of Winged-Women™

There are once in a lifetime opportunities that are not taken…

And that missed opportunity is usually due to a self-sabotaging fear response that sets up a roadblock in an attempt to keep the status quo….

This is one of those “once in a lifetime opportunities” that may never again come around….

I trust that if this is the puzzle piece that will enhance your life, you will not allow fear to sabotage your expansive nature….

You may already know that the Queen’s Dozen coaching package is a fabulous value that’s going to be discontinued

There is a beautiful goddess magic in a Queen’s Dozen, and it makes my heart over-flow with an inner happy dance to realize how many of you have been able to get in on the rapidly life-changing transformational experience. It has been a true blessing and it is my honor to connect deeply through the Queen’s Dozen process.

What does “goddess magic” mean?

Whether you are feeling like you are not enough, or are struggling with romance or finance, or are simply feeling like something is missing, the goddess magic in the Queen’s Dozen is undoubtedly the best way to dip your toes into the soothing waters of personal, customized coaching.

The goddess magic in the Queen’s Dozen inspires you to nurture the inner goddess, and to claim your divine birthright as a cherished, expansive, full-winged woman.

The goddess magic comes from the feminine power perspective, a paradigm shift to a time some 5000 years ago when women and men were equal.

This is a re-claiming of you, aligned with mind.body/spirit whole (gestalt) self-loving that you cannot fully comprehend until you experience the outcome brought to you by way of this empowering proprietary process.

Simply stated: You will fill your self-love toolbox with the techniques and tools that help you to release anything that holds you small, constricted. And you will blossom into your full spectacular goddess version….

You’ve been weighed down for too long.

Maybe that heaviness in life has manifested in excess weight, or depression.
Maybe it is a craving or an addiction or a tendency to neglect your needs above the needs of others….

What I know for certain after coaching and consulting for almost 35 years now, is that women suffer a general malady that presents as unworthiness. And that feeling of being unworthy, of not deserving the goddess life, is where we’ll start.


The unfortunate truth however, is that, because the Queen’s Dozen is a personal connection with me, completed over 11 sessions, the service is limited to only a handful of women each month.  And because the future is becoming more about the Winged-Women™ Academy than it will be about personal coaching at this intake level, the Queen’s Dozen will soon be fading out as a service offered here. VERY SOON.

With the expansion of the Winged-Women™ Academy as a developing playground for goddesses, more women than ever before can immerse in the fempowerment tools to enliven any woman’s deepest desires for creating the life she is born to live.

When a woman focuses on one primary area of life to enhance, the domino-effect makes changes in other areas of life. That’s a beautiful benefit of the Queen’s Dozen. Rapid and profound transformations take place. I am humbly proud of that outcome.

And that level of rapid transformation is the eventual intended effect of the Winged-Women™ Academy once it is fully up and staffed. The difference is that it will have the ability to reach far more women than I can possibly reach on my own with one-on-one coaching; the academy will eventually have a much greater potential for empowering women to own their voices, their lives.

Women’s empowerment by way of self-love has always been, and will continue to be the focus of everything offered. That won’t change.

What does change is the one-on-one coaching. It is simply not possible to continue to individually coach more than a dozen women each month unless I start hiring outside coaches or sending my current and expanding clientele to my train-the-trainers dharma coaching interns. That is a very real possibility for the near future, but it is not currently an option.

In this specific moment, I am still here for you.

And, I am still providing individual coaching via:

All that is soon to change….

In 2019, which is only a few short months away:

  • the coaching services are taking a price hike
  • the number of available coaching positions are being cut by 50%

The quality of the coaching services will reflect the prices, so again, not to worry about that. The availability is becoming a consideration.

The point is, if you are wanting to try on coaching from a world-class women’s transformational life coach with 35 years experience and an over-flowing toolbox of proprietary self-love tools to share with you, this is your chance to do so for a shadow of the normal and future costs.

And when this offer is gone, it is truly gone. I don’t pretend to know when that is, but it cannot last for long. The service is simply too time intensive to continue, especially at this amazing rate.

To clarify, the Queen’s Dozen, is a package of 11 personal coaching sessions to be used per your discretion, and is one of the programs being permanently discontinued in the future. Rather than raise prices on this high-value but time intensive package, it simply did not make the cut. 

With that said, here is the truly good news: It’s not too late for you to get in on enormous savings for an opportunity to coach (from anywhere on the planet with Internet access) via Skype or Phone, for as “lite” or as “deep” as you choose. You are the Queen when it comes to the Queen’s Dozen. That means you decide the challenge we will address. And I will supply the expertise to empower you to transform whatever you wish to address.

Here is something to consider: 

  • You may choose to use these 11 sessions over the course of 90 days
  • You may use them all at once like a VIP customer
  • You may decide to spread them out or combine some 
  • You choose how to ‘spend’ your package for optimal results!

Priced individually, each session is $497.
At that hourly rate, 11 sessions would be $5467.

By investing in a Queen’s Dozen you save $3476.00!
Almost 65% savings off the regular investment! 

What can YOU do with a Queen’s Dozen? 

What personal transformation will you realize with this exclusive opportunity?

  • Self-confidence and self-esteem need a boost
  • You want to know your purpose
  • Romance area needs enhancing 
  • Your wealth threshold needs a lift 
  • Your professional success could use some attention 
  • Your body weight or condition is not optimal 
  • You are ready to look at that inner gnawing of not feeling worthy
  • Maybe it’s simply time to finally start to take steps to change your life…

Nothing is off-limits! And in 35 years, I don’t think there is anything I haven’t seen!

Who will you be, when we have gone deep into whatever block stops you from living that optimized lifestyle?

Don’t wait another minute feeling “less-than.” You are deserving of a full and rich life and there is no more time to waste with anything less. Grab your Queen’s Dozen  now before they disappear forever.

Your next step is to secure your place and get in on this fantastic special offer of 11 coaching calls for $1997! And the only way to do that from this post is to ask you to leave this site and click into my ‘other’ site: That’s all about not being able to have commerce page here. The link takes you to page with similar content but with access to the pay portal.

Don’t hesitate if you are interested in this chance offer!

How are you feeling right now as you consider the possibilities?

  • Are you scared?
  • Are you excited?
  • Are you hesitant to invest in YOU?

I won’t tell you to not feel the fear. I will tell you to embrace it.
Feel the fear and excitement and hesitancy as what they are: Signs of a new adventure.
Step into the excitement and invest in you.

Remember, YOU deserve what you desire™ and it’s time to claim all that you desire and deserve.

Get in on this special one time offer now!

Quite honestly, it seems like a no-brainer to grab a Queen’s Dozen, for a couple of reasons. Consider:

  1. What would you like to accomplish in the next 90 days or less?
  2. How vastly could your life transform?
  3. Imagine how will your life change when you have full personal access to me for anywhere between 55 minutes and eleven hours!
  4. What level of personal expansion could transpire if you had the opportunity to peel back the layers and release the inner blocks to your limitless potential?

This is an incredibly generous offer that allows you the freedom to schedule a session anytime you feel the need! For that reason alone, this offer is highly limited to a handful of savvy goddesses who grab this special before it disappears for good! 

This authentically is a once in a lifetime opportunity. In fact, you may have noticed that this Queen’s Dozen has been removed from the menu and appears only in special offers such as here.

When it is gone, it is gone permanently. You are still reading, so that tells me you are interested in making a change in something in your life. Now is possibly the most optimal time in your life to take advantage of my generous offer to work one on one with you. Together, we just might make a miracle or two come to fruition….

Need to chat before investing?
Schedule a quick Skype/Phone chat using this link

You deserve what you desire. Dream big.

Sending you bushel baskets filled with love and self-nurturing. 

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