So sweet and filled with grace.

Luna Hare & Arrow

Like so many, I chose a word and theme for this year. My theme for this year is Surrender. Well actually, last year too! I oscillate between Surrender and Grace. It’s been exciting and at times, a wee bit scary to see how my life is unfolding and to not only live it, but consciously, with new levels of understanding; experience it, accept it and at times let go.


This blog – writing, is one of those scary changes that is unfolding. It is scary to do something that has never come easy to me as an introvert, the deep thinker, the watcher. I am putting myself out there. Go figure, a Leo who does not want to be in the spot light. Yeah, yeah; not always so cut and dry so I’m sure there’s a lot more to it. Scorpio Rising, Aries Moon, PTSD and the list goes…

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